Peter Toundas


Pete launched TMG Event Marketing in 1992 when he saw an opportunity to integrate marketing and sales into the product-based exhibit industry. His executive experience at top-notch ad agencies like Doyle Dane Bernbach and Campbell-Ewald was the catalyst for this new twist.

Fueled by his passion for both industries, Pete was among the first to demonstrate product, create a call to action and produce measurable results at special events around the country.

For the past 25+ years, Pete has continued to lead TMG through many pioneering endeavors. From producing the first results-oriented mobile tours, to producing a platform for integrated event and social media marketing, he has a keen vision for identifying trends.

Pete also owns Championship Auto Shows Inc., which produces 15 Autorama and World of Wheels events annually. The intertwining of these two companies has proven to be a powerful event production, marketing, social media and display fabrication home run.

Lynn BurbaryExecutive Vice President Director of Marketing, Sales and Promotion

As TMG’s long-standing “Right hand,” Lynn is instrumental in spearheading our new business effort and sustaining our customer base over a span of more than two decades. Her specialty is defining, developing and launching the majority of our programs. Lynn’s strength is in getting to know our customers and their business inside and out. She then delivers programs that are on target and produce results.

Lynn joined TMG after a six-year career in advertising. She excelled at Campbell-Ewald, sharpening her marketing and advertising skills, most notably with the DirecTv launch.

Patrick FlemingDirector of New Business Development

Pat has nearly 30 years of experience with displays, events, graphics and award-winning programs that he brings with him to TMG. With a Marketing degree from Michigan State, Pat has always strived to understand each client’s big-picture marketing and communication needs before recommending the appropriate display, event or program solution. Pat’s background started with an advertising agency (primarily shows and events) before moving onto an exhibit house (trade shows and auto shows) and later working with displays and graphics.

Darin ChidesterSr. Account Manager

Darin brings a wide range of knowledge and experience in all phases of program management from initiation through execution. His 14 years in experiential marketing are comprised of, professional sports and entertainment sales, large format digital printing and exhibit production. His past clients have included the NBA, WNBA, Arena Football, AT&T, JVC Consumer Electronics, USAA Federal Saving Bank, Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom, Dodge, Brooks Running Shoes, and ABC Family.

Pete NeriVice President of Design

Pete brings to TMG a lifetime of professional experience in all areas of design, including owning a successful display design business. Pete’s duties at TMG entail developing program concepts and overseeing them through completion. On a typical project, Pete will create presentation illustrations, produce engineering drawings and expedite the build process. Pete always strives to meet or exceed a client's goals often within tight time and budget parameters.

In addition to his career at TMG, Pete has worked include: Design & Dynamics, Cars & Concepts, Mascotech, and CSG.

Tom MearesProduction Manager

Many people in this industry claim to know someone who can build anything. Our “someone” is real and his name is Tom Meares. Whether it is a design we dream up or a complicated design supplied by our key customers, Tom wraps his mind around it and immerses himself in bringing it to life with his top-notch production team. Tom’s 30+ years of experience in fabrication and production greatly benefits our clients. Simply put, Tom possesses the talent and wisdom to know how to build something cost-effectively that will show well and last.

Before coming to TMG Tom owned his own business, which provides immeasurable benefits in treating each client’s budget like his own.

Ross HerodProduction Project Leader

Over the past 11 years at TMG, Ross has become a key component in our custom display fabrication process. Ross works under Tom’s direction to comprehend the game plan for each unique project. As an experienced critical thinker, Ross calls upon his learning from previous projects to work toward the end-goal with precision and accuracy. It’s his in-depth thinking and understanding of the way things must come together in the end that helps to get it right every time.

Ross started his career 25+ years ago as a machine builder. It is this experience that honed his skills as a masterful troubleshooter.

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